• A’tudes & Brews

    Through one-on-one in person interviews over coffee, A’tudes & Brews strives to tell the unique stories of everyday artists’ struggles and triumphs. Pursuing a career in the arts can be difficult to navigate, especially when starting out. A’tudes & Brews takes this seriously, and therefore tells these stories to demystify stereotypes surrounding artists and the arts, generate a strong and supportive community, and empower individuals in their pursuit of success.

  • CD Baby DIY POdcast

    This podcast is a great music business resource for any musician.

  • Crushing Classical

    Crushing Classical gives great advice for the freelance classical musician. The podcast touches on social media, money, creativity, and many other elements of a freelance career.

  • Daily Meditation Podcast – Mary Meckley

    Meditation coach Mary Meckley posts a guided meditation every day, with a new theme each week. She emphasizes “how to make meditation a natural part of your day… not something that interrupts your day.”

  • Listening to Ladies – Elisabeth Blair

    Listening to Ladies features excerpts from interviews with composers who are women, interwoven with samples of their work. In addition to publicizing great composers and their music, each episode touches on the composer’s particular experience in the field as a woman.

  • Meet the Composer – Nadia Sirota

    Peabody Award-winning podcast that takes listeners into the minds of the composers making some of the most innovative and breathtakingly beautiful music today.

  • Online Marketing Made Easy – Amy Porterfield

    Amy Porterfield, an online marketing strategist, breaks online marketing down into an accessible series of podcasts.

  • The Young Musician’s Guide – Aaron Campbell
  •  A series of interviews with musicians who are making a living by following uncommon careers paths and have valuable advice for the next generation of promising artists..”

  • TED Radio Hour

    Based on TED Talks, this podcast explores “fascinating ideas: astonishing inventions, fresh approaches to old problems, new ways to think and create.”

  • The Entrepreneurial Musician – Andrew Hitz

    A podcast featuring interviews, advice on music entrepreneurship, book recommendations, and much more for musicians looking to move their careers forward.

  • The Brass Junkies – Lance LaDuke and Andrew Hitz

    Lance LaDuke and Andrew Hitz interview a range of excellent brass players. Past interviewees include Amy McCabe, Carol Jantsch, Kristy Morrell, Joanna Hersey, Denise Tryon, and Amy Horn.

  • The Portfolio Composer

    A podcast helping composers and musicians with the business end of music through mindset, marketing, and business skills.

  • iCadenza Creative Careers

    An interview style podcast featuring musicians with revolutionary creative careers in music.

  • Pathways Podcast – Adam Wolf

    Published by Siegfried’s Call, this podcast features interviews with horn players.

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