• 21st-Century Musician

    A diverse resource which mixes practical advice and inspiration for the contemporary musician. 21CM is also a print magazine.

  • Beyond Talent

    A thorough blog (based on the book by the same title) on music entrepreneurship featuring articles on obtaining a college teaching position, expanding your teaching studio, discovering your true path and interests, and many more.

  • The Bulletproof Musician

    Noa Kageyama shares real-world advice for beating performance anxiety, using his background in psychology

  • Musician’s Guide to Hustling

    This blog (based on the book Break into the Scene) helps freelance musicians expand their network with more performance opportunities, through advice on networking, do’s and don’ts, and more.

  • Seth Godin’s Blog

    Seth’s blog is a fantastic very short daily blog about marketing, being an entrepreneur, and much more. He has given talks at Juilliard about freelancing, finding your path as an artist, and making good art.

  • DIY Musician

    This blog features numerous posts about promoting, distributing, and releasing your own music – both from the technical side and on the self discovery side

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