All-Female Street Bands: Brass Chicks Hit the Streets

The Original Pinettes Brass Band, via Milford Street

This past October, WBUR Boston published a great story about The Original Pinettes in anticipation of the band’s Honk! performance. All-female brass bands are a growing phenomenon, bringing the awesomeness of women playing brass to festivals, parades, and the streets.  This blog has historically focused on classical and jazz performers, but I want to take this opportunity to branch out and highlight these incredible musicians!

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Brass Chicks is Moving to WordPress!


Although it’s had a great run at its old Tumblr home, Brass Chicks has grown up and now seems better suited to the WordPress format.  The new Brass Chicks will be less a collection of profiles of female brass musicians (“musician baseball cards”), and will have more interviews with musicians, reviews of and reports on concerts,  and articles about what it’s like to be a woman in the brass world.

We hope you share our excitement for the future of this blog in its new incarnation!  You can look forward to some sweet new content headed your way in the next few months.